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Experience the power of BeLiv, a natural blood sugar support formula crafted with 8 clinically-proven ingredients. Manage your blood sugar levels effectively and enjoy renewed energy. Try BeLiv risk-free today!

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What Is BeLiv?

BeLiv represents a groundbreaking solution in the realm of blood sugar management. This innovative formula combines 24 potent ingredients, meticulously selected to support healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range. At its core, BeLiv’s proprietary blend includes well-known elements like Ginseng, Grape Seed, Green Tea, African Mango, L-Carnitine, Chromium, and Maca, among others. These ingredients are thoughtfully combined to create a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

BeLiv is more than just a supplement; it’s a comprehensive program that encompasses lifestyle adjustments for optimal results. Alongside the supplement, BeLiv offers a range of practical tips, including strategies for mindful eating, the importance of regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, and fostering a positive mental outlook.

Those who have incorporated BeLiv into their daily routines often report increased energy levels, improved hunger management, and an enhanced sense of well-being. The combination of potent yet gentle ingredients speaks to the thoughtful formulation behind this product.

In summary, BeLiv is more than a mere supplement – it’s a holistic program designed to promote healthier blood sugar levels. Its blend of natural ingredients, coupled with expert guidance, makes it an intriguing option for individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to blood sugar management. The transformative potential of BeLiv is just a click away. Discover the path to healthier blood sugar levels by exploring BeLiv today.

Who Created BeLiv?

BeLiv was created by David Andrews. He dedicated over 5 years to researching and developing a solution for healthy blood sugar management. Through extensive trials and experimentation, David Andrews formulated BeLiv with a blend of natural ingredients, aiming to provide a gentle yet powerful approach to supporting blood sugar levels within the normal range. His passion for helping individuals manage type 2 diabetes led to the birth of BeLiv and its potential to make a positive impact on people’s health and well-being.

How Does BeLiv Work?

BeLiv works through a combination of its proprietary blend of natural ingredients and the incorporation of lifestyle adjustments. The carefully selected components, such as Ginseng, Grape Seed, Green Tea, African Mango, L-Carnitine, Chromium, and Maca, among others, are believed to contribute to supporting healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range.

These ingredients are known for their potential benefits in various aspects of health, including metabolism, energy regulation, and antioxidant properties. For instance, Chromium is often associated with improved insulin sensitivity, while Green Tea and Grape Seed extracts are rich in antioxidants that can support overall well-being.

Additionally, BeLiv’s approach extends beyond supplementation. It encourages individuals to adopt healthy habits, including mindful eating, regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, and maintaining a positive mindset. These lifestyle adjustments complement the supplement’s effects and can contribute to more comprehensive blood sugar management.

The synergy of the blend and the holistic approach to overall health create a unique formula designed to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining healthier blood sugar levels.

BeLiv Ingredients

BeLiv boasts a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, each selected for their potential to support healthy blood sugar levels and overall well-being. Here are some of the key ingredients in BeLiv and their associated functions:

  1. Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus): Ginseng is believed to have adaptogenic properties that can help the body adapt to stress. It may also contribute to improved insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

  2. Grape Seed (Vitis Vinfera): Grape Seed extract is rich in antioxidants, including proanthocyanidins, which are thought to support blood vessel health and overall antioxidant defense.

  3. Green Tea: Green Tea is well-known for its antioxidant content, including catechins like EGCG. These compounds may help improve insulin sensitivity and support metabolic health.

  4. African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis): African Mango extract may have a positive impact on appetite control and fat metabolism, potentially contributing to weight management.

  5. L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is involved in energy metabolism and may help enhance the body’s ability to use fatty acids for energy, potentially aiding in blood sugar regulation.

  6. Chromium: Chromium is a trace mineral that plays a role in insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, which are crucial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

  7. Maca Root (Lepidium Meyenii): Maca is considered an adaptogen and may support energy levels, mood, and hormone balance, indirectly influencing blood sugar management.

  8. Guarana (Paullinia Cupana): Guarana contains natural compounds like caffeine that can contribute to increased energy levels and potential appetite control.

  9. Gymnema (Gymnema Sylvestre): Gymnema has been traditionally used to help reduce sugar cravings and may support healthy glucose metabolism.

  10. Astragalus (Astragalus Membranaceus): Astragalus is an adaptogen that may help improve overall resilience to stress and support immune function.

  11. Coleus (Coleus Forskohlii): Coleus extract contains forskolin, which has been studied for its potential to support weight management and metabolic health.

Pros & Cons Of BeLiv


  1. Natural Blood Sugar Support: BeLiv is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that have the potential to support healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range.

  2. Clinically-Proven Ingredients: The formula includes clinically-proven ingredients like Ginseng, Green Tea, Chromium, and others, which are associated with various health benefits.

  3. Antioxidant Support: Ingredients like Grape Seed and Green Tea are rich in antioxidants that may contribute to overall health and well-being.

  4. Energy Boost: Ingredients like Guarana and L-Carnitine can potentially provide an energy boost, aiding in physical activity and vitality.


    1. Individual Variability: The effectiveness of BeLiv may vary from person to person, and not everyone may experience the same results.

    2. Limited Availability: BeLiv may only be available for purchase through its official website, limiting options for those who prefer to shop in physical stores.

How To Consume BeLiv?

Simply take a dropper under your tongue in the morning before breakfast or dissolve it in water for optimal results and a positive feeling. 

How Much Is BeLiv?

The pricing for BeLiv varies based on the package you choose :

  • 30 Day Supply: $69 per bottle
    Total : $69 + Shipping

  • 90 Day Supply: $59 per bottle (You save $360)
    Total : $177 (FREE US Shipping)

  • 180 Day Supply: $49 per bottle (You save $780)
    Total : $294 (FREE US Shipping)

BeLiv : Bonuses

With certain package options of BeLiv, you may receive additional bonuses along with your purchase. These bonuses are designed to provide extra value and information to support your health journey. Here are the bonuses associated with BeLiv:

  1. FREE BONUS #1: The Ultimate Tea Remedies (Instant Download): This bonus likely includes information about various tea remedies that can complement your blood sugar management efforts. Teas with specific properties or ingredients might be highlighted to provide you with additional tools for a healthier lifestyle.

  2. FREE BONUS #2: Learn How to Manage Diabetes (Instant Download): This bonus could be an educational resource that provides insights, tips, and strategies for effectively managing diabetes. It may cover topics such as diet, exercise, monitoring, and general lifestyle adjustments.

Final Thoughts : Should You Buy BeLiv?

Are you ready to take control of your blood sugar and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life? Look no further than BeLiv, the revolutionary solution that’s transforming the way we approach blood sugar management. With BeLiv’s carefully crafted formula, you’re not just getting a supplement – you’re gaining access to a comprehensive program that can make a real difference.

Imagine a life where you wake up with renewed energy, manage your hunger effortlessly, and experience the confidence of knowing your blood sugar is in check. BeLiv’s blend of clinically-proven ingredients like Ginseng, Green Tea, and Chromium is designed to support your journey towards healthier blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Don’t let the chance to reclaim your vitality and well-being slip away. Click the button below to embark on your journey towards healthier blood sugar levels and a brighter, more empowered future. Your body deserves the best – give it BeLiv! 

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